El buen diseño es una herramienta estratégica y tiene que ver con innovar, con aprender del pasado, imaginar el futuro y plasmarlo desde el presente.

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MANUEL TORRES DESIGN has designed the landscape of a new skyscraper in Mexico City, specifically in the area of ​​Nuevo Polanco. The project is full of elegance and luxury in the new Budapest Tower of Vertical Real Estate Development POLÁREA®, by Grupo Lar.

In MANUEL TORRES DESIGN we propose architecture as an integrating set in which the built volume is thought but also the space adjoining it, a space full of elements that surround the architecture and define it. We could say that the landscape contextualizes the Budapest Tower, from its public access to the more private interior spaces; by means of a suitable design of the external environment that invites to enter at the same time that it extends the private spaces, uniting them with the outer space and questioning the limit of the public and the private.

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146_Landscape Torre Budapest_680x452